Commercial legal analysis that the company offers competitive pricing this in public and private, and public tenders.

Advice on the preparation, discussion, drafting and preparation of contracts where the company can be part, for which purpose it shall attend all meetings to discuss contract terms.

Advice on any type of contract, claim or dispute that the company was part of insurance.

Advice to any emission or reception of warranty, endorsement or guarantee from the company.

Counselling and intervention in any conflict individual, group or plurilateral which may arise between the company and its staff.

Assistance character sponsoring lawyers or representatives of the company in any action that takes place before the enforcement authority for claims of its subsidiaries or associations.

Documentary tool in the formation of companies, amendments to laws or social contracts, minutes of board meetings and meetings of partners, capital increases, mergers, dissolution and / or liquidations of companies and any other action that will make corporate life, making all the presentations that were necessary for the registrations to the Inspectorate General of Justice or other agencies.

Advice on any filing to be made by the company before government authorities, national, provincial or municipal, public or private entities, financial institutions, etc.

From which to derive rights and obligations for the same.

Advice and preparation of general or special powers to be granted a dependent company or third parties.

Be necessary link between the company and the Clerk acting in any deed or act of observation that should be part of.

Intervention, directly, in any administrative or judicial action in which the company is a party either as plaintiff or defendant, which is conducted in Argentina or abroad.

Intervention and advice on any administrative investigation to be carried out in the field of business.