Our Services

We advise the client on, search, realization and development of businesses and projects and analysis of solutions to existing problems.

For this we designed the systems to provide an integrated program tailored to the needs and provide training in all areas that make up the corporate structure, optimizing the use of information for making decisions with greater eficeincia, effectiveness and economy possible.

Our services include:

Filings of foreign companies for contracts: corporations, partnerships, Bi, mergers, acquisitions, technology transfer, investment (local or foreign) joint venture, lobby, franchising, integration law, law compared, patents and trademarks, employment law, immigration, trust, leasing, mortgage, etc.

Management before national courts and / or courts and official bodies in the areas of Business Law, Civil, Labor, Criminal and Administrative Law, International Comparative Law, Public and Private Tenders (national and international), competitive bidding, debt refinancing contracts public and private, Public Works, Legal Medicine, Injury, Locations, Real and Personal Actions, Probate, Contracts, etc.

Mediation and Arbitration in relation to the areas of corporate disputes and insurance. Representation on Pension and Social Security.

Human resources, training and development, union negotiations and appeals to the Ministry of Labour.

Foreign Trade: For producers and service companies in Argentina for export and import operations.

Market research. Communication and Institutional Relations.

National taxation, transfer pricing.

Finance and Capital Markets.

Management Accounting and organizations.

Information technology and software development.

Representations of companies inside and outside.

Investment projects.

Marketing and market research.

Promotion schemes.

Integrated management of government. Sectoral development (municipalities / provinces):

Education, Health, Tributacin, economy, production, services.